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MRFRS-MSPCA Sunday Feral Spay/Neuter Clinics

In collaboration with MSPCA Nevins Farm, we offer Sunday spay/neuter clinics for feral cats, the purpose of which is to sterilize and vaccinate as many feral cats as possible. Clinics are always held on a Sunday at Nevins Farm in Methuen and are free, though donations are welcome. Slots must be reserved in advance by emailing **NOTE THAT THIS CLINIC IS FOR HOMELESS, UN-OWNED, FREE-ROAMING, “WILD” CATS ONLY — for spay/neuter for owned cats, please visit our Catmobile page.


Clinic treatments include: A brief examination, spay/neuter, rabies and distemper vaccines, flea and ear mite treatments, and the left ear is tipped (3/8″ is taken off the top of the ear) for identification that the cat has been sterilized and vaccinated. No other diagnostic services or treatments are given. Tests for FIV and Feline Leukemia are not done.




Qualified Cats

  • Homeless, unowned and free-roaming un-socialized feral cats
  • At least 4 lbs. (due to the anesthesia we use)
  • Appears healthy
  • To be released back into its home colony, which will be managed

Non-Qualified Cats

  • Owned or possibly owned
  • To be adopted out or in foster care waiting possible placement
  • To be euthanized by an animal control facility
  • Do not appear healthy



Sunday clinics sponsored by the Massachusetts Animal Coalition’s license plate fund.




For more information on feral cats in general, visit our Feral Cats page.

Low-Cost Programs

In need of low-cost veterinary care or food assistance for your cat or dog? See below for a listing of resources.



MRFRS operates several low-cost spay/neuter programs for cats:

For low-cost spay/neuter information for dogs and cats, visit SpayMass, email , or call 978-465-1940 for a referral to a group near you.



Check with local shelters for food banks.



The MRFRS runs our Feline Assistance, Resources & Support (FARS) Program, which helps with the cost veterinary care for low-income or financially challenged cat owners facing a pet’s illness or injury. Visit the MRFRS Veterinary Assistance page for more information or to apply.


A similar program exists for New Hampshire pet owners: Helping People Helping Pets.


The MRFRS also runs low-cost rabies vaccination clinics for cats and dogs each year in March and October, as well as another clinic in the summer months. Email  for more information, or join our mailing list to receive web blast updates. For low-cost vaccines other than rabies, or clinics at other times of year, check out VetCo vaccine clinics, run at PetCo locations.


In addition, there are a few lower-cost clinics in Massachusetts:



Please refer to each program’s page for information and how to apply. Some require you to provide a veterinary estimate BEFORE they will pay for care; some will pay after the fact. Some require your veterinarian to apply; some you can apply for yourself. MRFRS does not administer any of these programs.


Many people have had successful conducting their own online fundraising campaigns for funds for surgery for a beloved pet. Check out Go Fund Me for an example of such a site. This can be a great source of additional funds to bridge the gap between grant funding and total cost of surgery.

If you know of other low-cost clinics or programs, please email us at to let us know so we can share the info. with other pet owners in need!


Get your cat spayed/neutered today! 

**Please note that feral cat spay/neuter clinics are for un-owned, free-roaming or “wild” cats only. No owned or pet cats will be accepted. If you’re interested in low-cost spay/neuter services for your pet cat, please contact the Catmobile for more information.**