FeLeuk Fan Club


Help Our Neediest Residents!


MRFRS is one of the few shelters in the region to take in cats testing positive for the Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV or FeLeuk, for short). We always have a waiting list for FeLV cats needing to come into our shelter and at any given time 7-8 FeLV+ cats reside at the Adoption Center. Since our inception, MRFRS and our Care for Life program has supported hundreds of FeLV+ cats and we greatly need your support to continue this necessary work.
What is FeLV?
FeLV is a virus that affects a cat’s immune system, and can shorten its lifespan significantly. Nonetheless, cats with FeLV are generally healthy up until the very end of their lives, so we believe they deserve a chance at a real home for however long their lives last! Because the virus is contagious, cats with FeLV cannot mix with cats who don’t carry the disease. Consequently, these cats frequently stay in the Adoption Center much longer than our other residents. Once one of our FeLV+ cats is adopted, MRFRS, through our Care for Life program, assists families with some of the medical costs associated with a cat with FeLV (such as blood work, ultrasounds, medication). This feature helps take away some of potential adopters’ concerns about the burden of medical costs that can come along with adopting a Feline Leukemia positive cat.
What is the FeLeuk Fan Club?
The FeLeuk Fan Club makes you a sponsor of our FeLV cats, and supports the cost of their care. While waiting patiently to be adopted, our FeLV cats live in comfort and with lots of love from our volunteers and staff in the “FeLeuk” room at our Adoption Center in Salisbury. When you become part of the club, you’re showing that you believe all cats―even those with FeLV―deserve a life, a loving home, and quality care.
Please consider sponsoring the MRFRS FeLV+ program today to help us cover the costs of care for these special cats. 100% of every cat sponsorship will go directly towards the care of cats in need at our shelter.
A membership in the FeLeuk Fan Club is a great gift idea for the holidays or for a special event, like a birthday! It’s also a great way to help out if you want to assist our cats, but can’t adopt one yourself!


As a member of the Club you will receive:
– A photo of one of our FeLV cats
– A 2017 MRFRS Cat Calendar
– Updates from the cats themselves

Donors who give a lifetime sponsorship of $1000 or more get all the above plus a plaque in the MRFRS FeLeuk room and recognition in the quarterly MRFRS newsletter.


Get Started
Donate to the FeLeuks and set up your sponsorship. The sponsorship options are:
– A recurring monthly donation of $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, or $200
– One-year sponsorship of $275 (includes one-month discount)
– Lifetime sponsorship for $1000


On behalf of our FeLV+ kitties, thank you for supporting the MRFRS in our effort to care for cats and kittens with feline leukemia!

Learn more about FeLV by visiting Best Friends Animal Society’s FeLV info page!