MRFRS began in 1992 as a few caring souls who decided to come to the aid of the 300+ free-roaming cats barely surviving along the Newburyport, Massachusetts waterfront. The effort our founders launched was one of the first in the nation to use Trap-Neuter-Return to improve the lives of free-roaming cats. Once all of the cats had been trapped and fixed, we fed them twice a day at waterfront feeding stations and monitored them for illness, injury, and any new additions. Those cats that showed an ability to be socialized were taken into foster care and adopters found. Thanks to that work, the final cat in the waterfront colonies, “Zorro,” passed away of old age in 2009.

The main room at our cageless Salisbury adoption center.

The main room at our Salisbury adoption center.


    Our programs include:

  • Adoption Program: a no-kill adoption center in Salisbury, MA housing up to 60 cats and kittens
  • Feral Program: assistance with feral TNR (trap, vaccinate, neuter, and release) program
  • Sunday Spay/Neuter Clinics: monthly spay/neuter clinics for feral cats
  • The Catmobiles: two low-cost mobile spay/neuter clinics covering all of Eastern MA
  • Foster Program: cats and kittens in need of TLC before adoption
  • FARS Program: assistance with veterinary care costs for owned cats
  • The Captain Courageous Fund for injured feral cats
  • The Bridge Program: provides emergency boarding for cats whose owners are in perilous circumstances
  • Catmobile & spay/neuter resource hotline: refers dog and cat owners across the state to local low-cost spay/neuter services

Since our inception, the MRFRS has assisted over 117,000 cats — placing over 20,600 cats and kittens into homes, spaying or neutering over 13,000 feral cats at our TNR clinics, and over 56,000 cats on our Catmobiles. Contact us at: .

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Board of Directors

Gail Lynch, President

Lisa Finkel, Vice President

Adrienne Linnell, Treasurer

Ed Ramsdell, Secretary/Clerk

Tara Becker
Jennifer Hickman
Jeffrey C. Hall

Honorary Members of the Board of Directors

Cathy Ahern
Martha Bagni Shulman
Joe Bell
Betty Bronk*
Pat Connelly
M. Resta Detwiler
Regina Downey, DVM
Janet Egan
Dorothy Fairweather
Bruce Fuller*
Sharon Gilman
John Grillo, DVM

Patte Grimes

Pam Hickey*

Jim Lagoulis

Spiros Lagoulis*
Stacy LeBaron
Shirley Magnanti
Scott Mattheson
Abhijeet (AJ) Nadkarni

Sheila Mullins

Daphine Neville
Kristen Petrie
Linda Piehl
Ed Ramsdell
Lynda Schnare



Jan DeWitt, Dorothy Fairweather, Nancy McNeill, Shirley Magnanti, Sheila Mullins