Staff Spotlight: Nancy Del Grosso

If you’ve visited our Adoption Center, you’ve likely already met Nancy Del Grosso, our adoption coordinator. Nancy oversees MRFRS’s adoption program and helps keep the shelter running smoothly. Nancy started working at MRFRS in 2015 as an adoption counselor, and was promoted to adoption coordinator in 2016. We asked her a couple of questions to get to know her better:

What’s the best part of working at MRFRS?

I have always been a “cat person” and wanted to work with animals, but the best part of working at MRFRS is definitely my amazing group of colleagues, both staff and volunteers. It is wonderful to work somewhere with like-minded people and be able to see the difference you can make together, both in the lives of individual cats, people and the community.

What does your average day at MRFRS look like?

An “average” day is hard to define, as every day is different! Some days are very busy, with many families coming in to meet adoptable cats. Other days are slow in terms of adoptions, but busy with providing enrichment for the cats in our care. The more time we can spend working with the cats, the better we get to know them so we can make great adoption matches.

What did you do before you came to MRFRS?

I have a varied background prior to working with MRFRS. Professionally I worked in business administration as a manger at a fine violin shop. I also offered consultation services in behavior modification for parrot owners, to help keep these wild animals happy and healthy in their homes. I attended various workshops and seminars in animal behavior and training, learning about Applied Behavior Analysis and positive reinforcement training methods for all species.

What is your proudest moment at MRFRS?

One of my proudest moments actually comes from a situation where I was able to make an impact outside of the adoption program. MRFRS offers [the] Bridge Program, which is emergency boarding for cats while owners are [in tough situations]. We had one very kind, wonderful woman who is a veteran, reach out to us this past year in need of boarding for her bonded pair of cats. She actually drove her cats from New Jersey to the shelter, so she could be reunited once her living situation was resolved. I felt a great sense of pride that I was able to help facilitate keeping this family together in a time of need, especially since she was clearly such a devoted and loving cat parent!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us!

Many people are surprised to learn about my background working with parrots, since I work at an all-cat rescue. I am not sure I would have realized that animal welfare was my passion at all if it weren’t for Charlie, a paraplegic rescue bird. Caring for Charlie while working at my previous job made me realize the direction I wanted my life to take. I wanted to help advocate for animal welfare and find safe, happy homes for every animal. You can read a little more about my inspiration, Charlie, by clicking here.
Nancy lives in Beverly with her husband Matt and their many loved rescue and hospice pets, both furry and feathered. Be sure to say hello next time you see her at the shelter!