Happy Tails: Kids & Their Cats

Do you remember how you felt when you got your first cat? Picking those best cat accessories, scented litter and super specific food… Whether you were four years old or forty, it’s a moment you’ll treasure forever! Here are some wonderful stories about kids who adopted their kitties from MRFRS, and the joy and happiness it brought them.


Raven was a six-year-old kitty seized from a home because her owner was in trouble with the law. She had no interest in other cats, and was overlooked in the shelter because of her age. When her new owner came in to look, her little boy sat down on the floor and Raven crawled right into his lap!


Billiards was only two weeks old when his litter of kittens arrived at MRFRS. We had to put them in foster care as “bottle babies” before they were old enough to be adopted. The person who adopted Billards was looking for a fun, sociable kitten as the first pet for her two children, ages six and four. “We love our cat Billards, who we renamed Admiral Buttons, and are so happy and lucky he is a part of our family.”


Snowball was found as a stray tom in a feral colony before arriving at the shelter. He had a bit of attitude, and the chip on his shoulder was hard to overlook for potential adopters. Finally, someone came in and fell in love with him despite his hard-edged personality. Now at home, he is a sweetheart with all the kids and grandmother, and even gets along with their other pets!


Bradbury was a stray fending for himself in a feral colony. He was very scared and shy at first, but he had obviously had a home sometime before ending up out on his own. His new family came to MRFRS with their children looking for a sweet cat that would be good with their existing cat, and Bradbury–-now called Mookie–warmed right up to the kids and was rolling over for head pats and belly rubs! 
Barnacle Bill was found in the woods outside a school. The faculty and students fed him until they could trap him and get him some help. This poor fellow had only one eye, and was severely emaciated, due to eating anything he could find to survive (including fabric and sand!). We nursed Barnacle Bill–now Lenny–back to health in our sick room for a while before he was ready for adoption. His new adopters came in with their daughter, and it was love at first sight! He sleeps in the daughter’s room at night and is glued to her side.