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Help MRFRS “spay it forward”…

to make feline overpopulation a thing of the past! If there was a surefire way for you to make one donation that could save the lives of hundreds — possibly thousands — of cats, would you do it? Of course you would!

“Teen mom” Candy is just six months old and already the mother of four kittens. Unspayed, she will give birth to more litters of kittens, and, without your help, so will her kittens. You can make a difference for cats like Candy by helping MRFRS “spay it forward.”

The only proven way to end feline homelessness — and prevent the fragile lives of unwanted kittens — is to spay and neuter every single cat possible. It’s a proven solution…but not as easy as it sounds.
Some cat owners simply don’t have the financial resources for that critically important surgery for their cats. And feral cat caretakers are even more resource-constrained as they deal with outdoor colonies that give birth over and over again.
Enter the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society’s Catmobile!
Since 2008, your support has fueled our mobile veterinary service from Fitchburg to Brockton, from Lowell to Quincy — making spay and neuter surgeries convenient and affordable for thousands of people and communities dealing with the crisis of too many cats. Since then, with your help, we’ve spayed and neutered over 50,000 cats and kittens!
We’ve proven that we can make a big dent in the persistent problem of feline overpopulation…but our work isn’t done yet. There are still many cats in need, and that’s where you come in.
You can “spay it forward” by donating the cost of a spay for $120 or a neuter at $80 — or both. Your funding makes it possible for more individuals to use MRFRS’s Catmobile, give their cats the gift of healthier lives, and stop the cycle of reproduction that results in more homeless cats.
Will you partner with MRFRS to save — and improve the quality of — cats’ lives? We’re counting on your help to make sure kitties can get the help they need.