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Roses are red, but forget about that. This Valentine’s Day, please sponsor a cat!

Looking for a special gift of love for your sweetie, or the cat lover in your life? We’ve got the purr-fect idea: why not sponsor a cat in their honor? For a gift of just $30, you’ll receive a special Valentine’s card featuring one of our Feline Leukemia+ cats, plus a special gift of chocolates from Willey’s Candy Shop that you can give to that special someone.
Our FeLV kitties (or “Fe-Leuks” as we call them) have our longest shelter stays, and thus require more financial resources for us to keep them happy and comfortable until they find their adopters. Your gift will help us show them the love they so richly deserve.
So, forget the flowers (they’re gone so quickly)…give a gift that really makes a difference. To purchase your card and gift, please click here and we’ll do the rest! Thanks for your support! We <3 you!      

Special thank you to Willey’s Candy Shop for their chocolate donation!


Join us for our next Dining to Donate at Phat Cats Bistro!

Mark your calendars for another great Dining to Donate event! From 4:30 pm until closing, every evening from April 20th through April 24th, a portion of all food sales at Phat Cats Bistro in Amesbury will be donated to MRFRS! Reservations are strongly recommended, as this is a small venue. Come and enjoy a great meal at Phat Cats — and help support the kitties while you dine!

Foster Families: A Lifeline for the Kitties

When we take in as many cats as we did on Thanksgiving Eve, it’s essential to have a ready group of willing and loving foster families available to help us reduce the crowding in the shelter and ease these kitties’ way from their old life to a new one. Here are some stories from the fosters who took in some of the hoarding cats:
Joe1“We do not typically foster cats at our home due to our resident kitty, but with the intake of more than sixty cats at one time it seemed we should make an exception. I was excited to get our two presidents, Lincoln and Jackson and two first ladies, Abigail and Mary Todd, home and settled in their room. All were a little frightened and uncertain of what was happening, but none were aggressive at all.
Joe2“Just a day later, Lincoln and Mary Todd were out and about wanting lots of petting, while the other two stayed in their hiding place. By the third day, however, all were out and coming to me. It surprised me just how social these cats were given their circumstances. All they wanted was love and attention. A few days later I was standing in their room and Abigail jumped up into my arms. I’ve never had that happen before.
Joe3“They weren’t used to having toys and it took a while for them to begin to play, but the laser light was a big hit and the furry mice became popular. It didn’t take them long to adapt to Fancy Feast over their previous diet of mac and cheese. I fell in love with all of them and was so happy when they all were adopted just a few weeks later. Now, I miss them terribly. “
-Joe B.

Tarr-Rosalyn“We were given three of these kittens to foster and were told that they were some of the most social and healthy. They were slightly scared at first but warmed up quickly and became super friendly. They purred, loved to be petted and would turn flop over on their backs for belly rubs. One would roll over a couple of times in a row like a little dog. In fact, their personalities were quite dog-like: brave, affectionate, curious, and people-oriented. They all craved human attention.
Tarr-Hilary“Although they were very thin, they appeared to be in good health. They all needed to be encouraged to eat “real” cat food—Brit gave us kitty “junk food” to tempt them. We ended up offering it to them from our hands and they slowly took it from us. One of the three kittens didn’t respond as well as the other two. We force-fed her for a couple of days and then she finally ate some people food mixed with water and tuna fed from my hand. I offered her Wellness canned turkey and that did the trick. She liked that, finally started to eat, and she recovered just fine.
Tarr-Lucy“All three of these kittens were sweethearts. They never hissed, spat, or scratched and seemed to be quite used to being handled. All have found excellent homes and it was a wonderful experience for us to be able to help these kittens.”
– Jane and Laura T.

“We fostered three cats from the hoarding situation for two weeks – a beautiful calico and two orange and white boys. The first thing we noticed about them was how badly they smelled. We thought maybe it was just the cat carriers we brought them home in, but it was the cats themselves. The second thing we noticed was that their eyes looked really dirty and crusty. The third thing was that they did not how to use the kitty litter.
“Thankfully, they worked hard on cleaning themselves up and we cleaned their carriers well. Their eyes looked better each day and they all started using the kitty litter after a few days. They were a bit shy the first day or two. They hid under the bed at first and did not want to be picked up. After some “forced petting therapy” sessions, they quickly adjusted and seemed almost desperate for attention. At first, they were a bit afraid of cat toys, but they learned to play, and also to beg for their canned cat food each day.
“We were surprised at how sweet and friendly these cats were considering the situation they came from. We were very happy to see them all get adopted so quickly after we took them back to the shelter. The boys’ new dad even posted a picture of them on Facebook in their new home! It makes us feel good to know MRFRS has helped send them on to better lives and that we were able to help in a small way.”
– Mary K., Cara M. & Annikaya M.

Helton-Ladybird2“I fostered Mamie and Ladybird. Mamie was the first to warm up to me, and made it clear that she wanted as many pats and belly rubs as possible! She didn’t know how to play with toys at first. Once she discovered that all those stuffed mice in the room were HERS, she learned quickly!
“Mamie was adopted by my sister, who named her Aileron. Aileron has been the perfect companion to her other two cats. She cuddles with and grooms her older cat, and plays with her kitten. She has recently discovered that wet food is food too and now can’t get enough of it! She is also getting used to the fact that she can get all the attention she wants anytime – she thinks that’s pretty cool!
Helton-Mamie2“Ladybird took a week longer than Aileron to warm up to me, but once she did she was all cuddles too. Cat treats were deemed acceptable forms of bribery for coming out of her hiding place! It was really hard to bring Ladybird back to the shelter, as she really came to trust me and only me at my house. I recently visited her at the shelter and she was SO happy to see me! She may be a shy girl, but once she bonds to you she is your girl for life.”
-Liz H.
If you’re interested in becoming one of our “fearless foster families,” drop us a note at