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Join us for a Distiller’s Tour at Privateer Rum to benefit MRFRS

Join us Thursday, December 17 from 6pm – 8pm at Privateer Rum in Ipswich for a Distiller’s Tour to benefit MRFRS! Once a month, Privateer Rum in Ipswich offers an extra geeky tour, with head distiller Maggie Campbell, and all ticket proceeds are donated to charity. Maggie’s own cat, Fox Mulder, was rescued by and adopted from MRFRS.

Walk through Privateer’s production with special access to tasting the fermentation, smelling the ‘low wines’, nosing that day’s ‘cuts’ straight off the still, and experience barrel variation by nosing casks side by side. Learn about spirits tasting as you are lead on a technical tasting of our rums by Maggie herself.

Click here to purchase tickets, and for more information. We hope to see you there!