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Attention Boston Globe Subscribers!

Attention Boston Globe Subscribers!  Help MRFRS earn free advertising space by voting for us in this year’s “GRANT” program!


“GRANT” stands for “Globe Readers and Non-Profits Together.” Vouchers are being mailed to you right now that allow all Globe subscribers to vote for their favorite non-profit.  The more votes we get, the more advertising we earn to promote our programs that help cats and cat owners around the Commonwealth!  Thanks to all of your votes last year, we were able to run an ad promoting the Catmobile…let’s see if we can do even better this year.


Look in your mailbox for the silver envelope for your GRANT voucher and vote for MRFRS, located in Salisbury MA. The return date for vouchers is April 30th, so don’t delay, vote today! And please tell your friends!  The kitties say “Thank you!”